Corke Gallery, Liverpool L17 9PW

The exhibition opens with a Private View on Friday 3 June 2016 from 7pm – 9pm and then the gallery is open to the public from 1pm – 5pm Wednesday to Friday for three weeks from Wednesday 8 June to Friday 24 June 2016.  Please feel free to invite friends, colleagues and potential buyers(!!) to the PV they are very relaxed and social and Cultural Wines will be supplying the complimentary wines to help everyone relax!

Max (Rafael) Blond and his wife Olivia will be showing some of their recent work and encourage anyone within reach of the Liverpool gallery to drop in and view their paintings.

Artists’ Statements:

Max Blond:  In painting I am hoping to find and express the strong spiritual content that emanates from the deeper inner feelings — the realm of the soul. All art in origin was spiritual and I would like to, at least, have a measure of that quality in my work. I paint without any previous concept and allow
the piece to develop in its own way so that it has a life of its own, almost as if the painting already exists.

Olivia Blond:  I am fascinated by surface pattern and the discipline of creating an image which will work in repeat. These days technology can cater for repetition but that removes some of the challenge and magic for me. I almost always work in designer’s gouache which allows me the precision for a design to work. I gather inspiration from a broad range of sources but usually return to the interpretation of natural forms.

For more background on these artists go here.