Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Lure of the Sea

Current Exhibition at Green Chair Gallery online

Ramon Kubiceck

My approach is expressionistic and my themes tend to be about modern alienation from Nature and the different ways we mythologise our contemporary experience. My one-person show at Gibsons Public Art Gallery, ´Bees of the Invisible´, featured 18 large paintings that focused on the commonalities between bee culture and the creation of art. Both involve a creation of community. Both involve a movement from invisibility to visibility and back to invisibility.

These paintings come from an interest in the different ways we look at the sea. So as much as the work is about the aspects of the sea in different seasons, it is also about different ways of looking. What we call seascape usually presents some form of nostalgia or reverence. I try to avoid those scenes.
We shape the experience of the sea to fit our different moods — loneliness, sociability, anger, longing, sensuous pleasure, peace  ̶  and we use this shaping in our paintings, books, movies, even our ordinary daily lives.

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