Elfrida Schragen at Green Chair Gallery*

Elfrida Schragen is a successful artist who works in oil, pastels and sculpture. She has shown and sold in Canada and the United States, specializing in portrait and plein air painting. She completed a charitable project of painting portraits of the homeless to support ‘Our Place’ shelters in 2007 and 2014. She works in Victoria, BC, Canada and in Delray Beach, Florida, USA. As well as regular shows she accepts commissions.

Artist’s statement:

This year has had many challenges for me. One of them is that I can no longer go to Florida for the winter where the light is bright and the subject matter for painting are both endless. But as we don’t always choose our situations, and some cannot be helped no matter what, I felt I had better make peace with the presenting environment in Victoria — this means days upon days of rain, damp, wind, and fog. This is the basis for my choice of subject matter and the rather satirical title “The Joys of Inclement Weather”.

*Please Note: Green Chair Gallery has ceased operations.