Issue 8 — April 2017

New Items:

I had no idea when I started this SWIM project that it would last as long as it has. Welcome to the 8th issue. One of the joys of SWIM work is the discovery of talents hitherto unknown to me. In this issue there are excellent poems by Stefanie Brown, someone I’d never heard of. Turns out she’s currently creating her first book of poems.
There’s lots of good creative work from previous contributors in these pages. Serafina Harper’s back. Adrienne Thomas and Maya Spall are back with strong poems. Michael Cooke sent a characteristically manic piece. Marcus Bolt has a great story, and there are some of the cartoons that he and Dirk Campbell did years ago, and which it’s a pleasure to revisit. There are fine photos by Lucian Parshall and Emily Congyham.

Emmanuel Williams