Welcome to SWIM 10

It’s a good one.

Lots of rich visual material including art by children from Australia, California and England, Aminah’s tree (I have it on the wall of my room), dream-like collages from Hannah Kusterer, a fine autobiographical piece by USA SICA chair and world-class cellist Hamilton Cheifetz, lots of good poems including a couple by one of my favorite Subud poets Daphne Alexopoulou, and an excerpt from Salamah Pope’s book “Antidote” a passage that I’ve cherished since I read it years ago. Salamah died recently. May God bless her and draw her into the light.

And… God bless all our readers.

Emmanuel Williams

Note: I’m happy to be able to inform you that the anthology of poetry by Subud members Stefanie Brown and I have been working on now has contributions from over 30 poets from all over the world.

Thanks to SICA Britain for sponsoring SWIM.


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