This is a special SICA update to share a film about the 14th Subud World Congress in Puebla — and the many gifts our brothers and sisters from around the world shared with all of us while we were there.

In fact, Sharing Our Gifts was the theme of SICA’s presentations at Congress.

Earlier this year, when we began to see that what we were planning for the SICA Congress program was becoming more and more real, we just knew we should make a film of it all. So we approached Heinz Cadera and Benoit Erwaan Boucherot, who got just as excited as we were, and came on board.

When we saw the final cut, we knew this film had to be freely available to all our brothers and sisters. So there are no DVDs or CDs of the film.  Nothing you have to buy.  It’s free. Enjoy!  And share it with your groups. It’s for you.

SICA, by the Grace of God, turned a corner at this congress. It became real to our brothers and sisters in a way it had not been before.  The huge potential of SICA to be a bridge for taking the latihan out into the world — the bridge Bapak could always see — many more now see and value.  “Bapak can feel that in fact this is the way Subud will spread,” Bapak told Richard Engels and me at our first meeting with him after the creation of SICA in 1984. and “Subud will provide a content for it.”   — Bapak, Cilandak, July 1984

There was indeed a special grace that seemed to embrace us all. We hope you will feel that as you watch this film.  We also hope you will continue to support, love, and care for Subud and the gifts we’ve all been given.

Enjoy our Congress Film.  (Link to Vimeo “Mountains and Rivers”)
Our film, called “Mountains and Rivers” has been uploaded to Benoit’s private Vimeo site. If you click on the link below, you will be taken to that site. But once there, you will need a password: Puebla

Latifah Taormina