Mahallia Ward Pollard and Frances Madden tie for $10,000 SICA Prize

Two years ago, SICA announced to the world that it would offer a $10,000 prize to a young person, age 19-28, active in Subud, who demonstrated an extraordinary TALENT in some field. (Art, Science, Education, Technology, Business, Film, Medicine, for example).
The prize, minimum $10,000, would be awarded at the Subud World Congress in Puebla. An independent jury reviewed all nominations and selected the prize winner/s which were announced at the Subud World Congress, Puebla, Mexico, in August 2014.


Mahallia Pollard
Frances Madden

Mahallia, who at aged 20 was already a featured ballerina with the world famous Joffrey Ballet, submitted a delightful video we are happy to share. Frances, a most gifted young blues singer attracting national attention in her home country of Australia, had built a website with videos and mp3 files of her music and performances in addition to her application. Congress attendees also got a chance to see and hear Frances perform during the “Conversations with Music” night at the Teatro and at the Closing Ceremony at Congress. Mahallia was busy performing for the Joffrey.

As it was a tie, Frances and Mahallia split the prize money. Each was awarded US$5,000. The awards were announced at the Youth Bash in the large Congress hall the night of August 15, 2014.

Visit:  Mahallia’s YouTube Video  and  Frances’ Website.