PENNY BEARMAN studied Fine Art Painting at the Central School of Art in London and has spent much of her life painting land and cityscapes and portraits. She has lived in the historic seaside town of Deal on the south east coast of England (close to Dover) for the last 28 years where she has continuously worked as a painter, teacher of painting and promoter of the arts through her own gallery. She has retained her links with London, as the current exhibition shows, as well as exhibiting her work there and in galleries elsewhere in the UK.

Artist’s Statement

I am possibly a southern version of a Scottish Colourist, influenced by the impressionists but work in a more analytic than observational way. I try to make a moment in time singular using random elements such as the reversal of tones when light bounces and the surprising opacity of blues when droplets of water in the air diffuse the light in coastal air.
Every colour has a range of properties, each of which is capable of showing degrees of special depth: warm and cool, opaque and transparent, thick and thin. The properties of the colours in a painting have to be balanced to allow the pattern and movement of the painting to work. I feel that this pattern and movement reflects natural pattern and movement of everyday life and my purpose is to remind the viewer that this excitement can be appreciated in all ordinary things.

See the full gallery of Penny’s paintings at Green Chair Gallery online.