Green Chair Gallery*

18/05/2019 – 28/06/2019

Elfrida Schragen

Elfrida’s interest in art started early as the daughter of professional artist, C.W. Kettlewell. Color, design, layout and self expression was a constant thread through dinner conversations. Growing up in Ontario with a famous artist father had challenges as in loving ignorance her father tried to teach, even actually draw on Elfrida’s work. The family lived in a rural setting, grew up with horses, animals and all the trappings of small town thinking. (The influence of the country life strongly influenced her present plein-air works).

She attended McGill University in Montreal, earning a degree in general arts. Ultimately Efrida moved to Victoria British Columbia to work with children in various facilities as both a teacher and a social worker, at the same time continuing her education in bio-energetics, Rogerian therapy, and Bodynamics. Living a full life, she raised a family on a farm with chickens, pigs and horses for 8 years. At the age of forty she decided to pursue a career as an art therapist and was directed to take a couple of drawing courses by the art therapy school. Thus was her love of creating re-kindled.

Artist’s statement:

Elfrida began by using acrylics in the mid 80s, went on to sculpture in the 90s, then pastels and finally settled into oils. “I am basically rag-tag taught”, she says, “I have attended a few workshops over the years, look intently at paintings everywhere, watch the occasional YouTube and chat to my fellow artists. My preferred subject matter has expanded from portraiture to plein-air and just about anything where light and line catch my fancy.

Elfrida being interviewed in B.C. about her series of “Portraits of the Homeless”.
*Green Chair Gallery is no longer operating