Crowdfunding for The Fringe 2019

Puppet King Richard II is our take on Shakespeare’s medieval drama about an interesting but useless ruler, and his downfall. We use found objects, live music and some amazing Czech ‘javaiky’ rod-puppets – plus some acting. We’re not puppeteers so sometimes things go wrong, as they do for King Richard! Enemies grow strong while Richard loses everything. Alone in prison he tries to make sense of it all. Divine right becomes flesh and blood, and painted clay. We invite you into the court, close up. See how power shifts and regimes change!

In Prague, Brighton & Scotland audiences and critics loved the show:

“you have not really witnessed Shakespeare, until you see one glove puppet slap another glove puppet in the face with a glove, in challenge of their honour”  ReviewsHub*****

“food for my soul”“the best Punch and Judy I ever saw” “I know I will never forget it”
MustSee Show, FringeReview, Brighton 2017

Go to the Crowdfunder page to view the artworks donated to raise funds for this project:

We want to get seen in Edinburgh and grow the show and the company. We need £3500, so we’re selling the Puppet King’s Royal Collection’…

In life the riotous and controversial King Richard II oversaw a renaissance in painting, precious metal-work, literature, glass and book-making.

We have some great works of art, inspired by the play and production, donated by our incredibly generous artists, to help get Puppet King Richard II to the Edinburgh Fringe 2019. There is something for everyone…

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Tel: +447876163644 (UK)  +420721959344 (CZ)

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