Illustrated by Herman Zambeck

Hi, I am Subud member from Indonesia, I am an artist painter, and I have new work about an illustration book, painting and story about life. I hope I can share my art creation here. Thank you.

Herman Zambeck (Subadak, West Java, Indonesia)

Light Above the Light

A new thing will only be found by people who see things from a different point of view in general.

Since there is always a sky above the sky, there is always light above the light, always right above, if we are going to numb ourselves against a new perspective.

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Herman Zambeck’s Book

Every human being has the right to have a point of view that is different from others, and the efforts of people in the equation of ways of thinking is a rape of an independent human right.

And imprisoning other people’s thoughts with fear of doom and hell with the lure of heaven by the artist is the attempt to turn humans into a monster.

This book is a new perspective, a perspective that liberates the shackles of the occupation of doctrine and dogma that has been imprinting human thought for hundreds of years.

Hopefully useful … thank you.

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