God Almighty loves mankind. And since you have received this love from Almighty God, you must do everything you can. You must do the utmost in your life to do something that will be of benefit for mankind.

The purpose of all of this is to bring welfare and peace to the society of man. Not to a nation, but to mankind as a whole.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, while we do our work and pursue the things that we have set out to do, let us never cease to pray that mankind will be protected and that peace and prosperity can return to mankind.

Bapak Mhd. Subuh Sumohadiwijojo
London, August 9,1983

austin-20161,700,000 people participated in last year’s Peace Day Austin, and this year promises an even bigger turn out!!
Peace Day Austin is a collaborative city-wide 11-day celebration of Peace that grew out of SICA’s Poems for Peace!
SICA and its partner organizations were honored by the Mayor for its work last year and will be so honored again this year!
SICA started all this with YOUR help!! THANK YOU.

Go to Peace Day Austin and learn what their programme is.

Visit SICA International and see more on SICA’s involvement.