Green Chair Gallery* Exhibition

12/01/2019 to 22/02/2019

Esther Miles

Having studied design at the London College of Fashion, she is concerned with the tension between fine and applied art.
During 2018 Esther has taken part in London exhibitions, including The Affordable Art Fair and the Parallax Art Fair. She has also exhibited and sold internationally as part of the Singapore Affordable Art Fair, and in Italy, Belgium and France.

Artist’s statement:

Since childhood Esther has occupied herself by making small things. Indulging this compulsion, her current work is made up of hundreds of individually painted miniatures. These tiny paintings are composed and assembled by a process of layering and folding to create intricate three–dimensional pieces. The dynamic structures appear to shift as the viewer and shadows move around the work. The kinetic style of her work is further supported by the artist’s use of mixed media, texture and complementary colour.

*Green Chair Gallery is no longer operating

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