– Just Discover It #peaceday


And we continue to pray, we continue to change our Facebook profile pictures, we tweet non-stop quotes of love and peace, and so on.

Does it help? I always wonder – whoever wants and loves peace would always be at peace, wouldn’t they? They do not need my expression of solidarity, they know of it already. But the perpetrators of violence – would they see my messages and change?

There – my first mistake is already made with this thought!

I have already created a thought of “they” versus “me”. I have created a separation in humanity. With this thought, I now mean explicitly that “we” are spiritual and “they” are not. I imply that “I” want peace, and “they” do not. This separation could only lead to more doom. I definitely do not justify the atrocities of crime and war, not at all! These issues are so complicated that a simple rational solution or justice cannot be arrived at so easily.

What I mean is, there is a connectedness in all humanity. There is a single consciousness acting together to help us all grow and evolve together, which bonds us together. As a woman, as a mother, I feel it more deeply, now more than ever. I know my family is connected. When I am tense, or stressed, my son feels uncomfortable too. When my husband returns home after a hectic day in a bad mood, we are all stressed out about it.

Purnima Ramakrishnan UN Awarded Journalist 2015
Source: Huffington Post