Icons and More – in the Orthodox Traditions

Green Chair Gallery* Exhibition 01/12/2018 – 11/01/2019

Constantina Alexander

Constantina is a self-taught artist experienced in a wide range of media and techniques. She is a specialist creator of icons, working in the Russian Tradition. Works of significance can be found in private and public collections – including churches and cathedrals – in Europe, Australia, the US and Africa. Constantina also works to commission for private icons for contemplation and prayer.
As well as the specific disciplined approach to creating icons Constantina also creates works in more freely expressive genres, techniques and media including oil, etching, watercolour, mixed media, graphic pen and collage. She has worked with community groups, run many adult courses over the years and curated a national exhibition called Art and Soul at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Milton Keynes, UK, featuring the work of 22 artists and poets from across the UK and which also included exhibitors from Australia and Iraq.

Artist’s statement:

I believe that art, whether I am engaged in making it or teaching others, has a beneficial quality reaching deep inside. Art can engender a gradual inner reforming of self through discipline, practice, a lot of humility and self-belief. I am a professed Tertiary Franciscan and I see my role as an artist to pass on something of the joy of creativity. Working from a deep connection of the soul something of the Divine can permeate through into the work to affect both artist and observer. Traditional holy icons have been held by the Orthodox as sacred and there has always been a strict adherence to certain rules. This is not to be dogmatic but they were seen to preserve the beauty and resonance of the original images created at a time when the Holy Spirit was actively firing up so many in the Early Christian Church. With that in mind icons are created in a spirit of quiet, prayerful application and discipline and with love for the holy person depicted in the icon as their life is remembered. That same approach is taken for the person or persons for whom the icon is being created, and this is the reminder of the connection of all to God. I believe at this time, unlike any other, the work of creative souls among us are called to re-invigorate interest in things sacred with the energy of what St Francis called β€œthe fire of the Holy Spirit, which inflames all hearts.”

*Green Chair Gallery is no longer operating

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