Backroom Gallery to the Front

1 July – 31 August 2016

The Backroom Gallery Summer Show reprises four regular artists: Cherry Tewfik, Clare Curtis, Rohana Laing and Sofiah Garrard who together make a powerhouse of creativity, originality and variation to fill this exhibition. They are all artists whose works have been shown before, but with plenty of new work to come.

Cherry Tewfik has been experimenting with the Japanese ceramic method of raku. The pots are fired quickly and taken out of the kiln when they are between 750 and 1000 degrees, then plunged into sawdust which immediately bursts into flames and creates a huge amount of smoke which permeates the glazed surface of the pot giving interesting blemishes, spots and crackles.

Clare Curtis  dreamed of a strong yet silent heartbeat within the life of either a positive beam or a negative space. The space that has a sort of force field around it, protecting it from a chaos of squiggles and all manner of uncontrollable anomalies. This is “Void in Chaos”.

Rohana Laing believes that maybe her unconscious mind is attracted to certain images for a reason, which is not always clear to her. She creates images of subject matter that interests her. For many years she’s been drawn to paint people and places in other countries. Sometimes wanting to paint people doing things, often working, people whose lives are challenging.

Sofiah Garrard finds her subjects emerging from both real life and “other worlds” in equal measure, with the resulting images being added to by her own “inside story” – what she cannot see but what just might be there or which could be messages to be decoded by the viewer.

To read more about the artists and see further works go to Green Chair Gallery.

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