The Sea – A Working Environment

08/07/2017 – 11/08/2017 
(Green Chair Gallery has ceased operating)

In welcoming Melvyn Evans back to Green Chair Gallery, we benefit from the rich landscapes that we already know him for but into which he now brings a clear love of the sea and ships that work in that environment. We particularly like the shapes these create and the atmosphere that it all evokes. He knows how to inspire us.

Melvyn Evans

Much of my work is lino cut relief printing, requiring as it does a stepped process from on-site drawings, through a “simplification” stage that changes the tones of black and white into distinct areas of three or four colours. These are then drawn and cut from a block of lino and printed onto paper. I thrive on this and I’m pleased once again to to feature it in this exhibition for Green Chair Gallery.

My subjects are multi-faceted ranging from the history of London, landscape, allegory, folklore, and the sea. They all combine in many ways to offer comment on the mysteries of our lives, our existence and traditions.

I’m interested in our relationship with the landscape, how we’ve affected it over millennia and the things we’ve left behind, like the old monuments and chalk figures and what that tells us about us now. The fishing towns of South East England regularly feature, as do the coastal paths of Pembrokeshire, remembered from childhood holidays.

Historic ships – ketches, schooners and other memorable types – especially attract me, and these are often framed by near-abstract landscapes that link to our ancient past. Fishermen landing their catch on Hastings beach or the Old Neptune pub at Whitstable surrounded by Thames barges and oyster smacks, are suffused with this notion of a collective memory.