“Endless Variation—people, places, events”

12 September–16 October 2015

“Endless Variation – people, places, events” describes Sofiah’s current creative outpouring very well.  And that’s why Green Chair Gallery has no hesitation in bringing more of Sofiah’s work to you.  As much as anything else we feel that it underlines our credentials as art gallery curators and proprietors: Sofiah as full-on creative artist and Solihin as organiser and project manager in previous occupations.

The exhibition takes you through a whole range of Sofiah’s characters in their different places. See the “shops”, “studios”  “landscapes” and “situations” – so what do you make of “An Act Prevented”?

The characters in their environment—whether outside, inside a shop, or set in a “situation”—just seem somehow to emerge of their own volition, and Sofiah finds her job is just to give them their place. This process is not so very new for her, but the sheer volume of this creative flow is remarkable.
After all, as well as these new works she has also this year published her latest book “Introductions”, that feature a further 22 characters illustrated by Emmanuel Williams poems.

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