SICA Artists on the Bristol Arts Trail

The West Bristol Arts Trail 2018 – October 13 & 14 – 11am to 5pm

Sophia Hughes

Abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas and driftwood, with colour, space, atmosphere and balance. Sophia’s work is now abstract painting, although she still occasionally makes sculpture or hand built pots when requested.

She studied Fine Art at the West of England College of Art, Bristol 1959–62, then became a domestic-ware potter. Later Sophia added individual hand built pieces, and in 2006 began making sculpture in Perspex, steel, wood etc., all abstract.
In January 2011 she changed direction to paint.

“It starts with a feeling, a colour and a brush or palette knife, becomes an exploration into the unknown until the painting has its own authority, and then I live with it for a while, discovering what I have done.” Sophia Hughes

Sophia welcomes visits to see her work.


Telephone: 01453 758565

Delia Whitbread

Delia Whitbread is a practising stained glass designer and maker in both the public and private field.
She works in traditional stained glass techniques and appliqué on commission for churches as well as private spaces. Delia began practising as a stained glass artist, whilst also teaching architectural glass part time at Roehampton, University of Surrey in 1990. In 2008 Delia was awarded a PhD in the Department of Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland.

Her most recent church commission, the Sacred Heart Window for St. Columba’s Church, South Croydon was installed in November 2011. She says:

“In my decorative glasswork I often use a strong formal geometric element. I enjoy making abstract work that uses line and form to create balance with movement – this involves working both with, and against, the tyranny of symmetry. However in narrative work I prefer the medieval figurative tradition of strong colour and distinctive stylised graphic imagery.” Delia Whitbread

See also her gallery on SICA Britain


Telephone: 07588-700850

Lucianne Lassalle

Sculptures in foundry bronze and in iron and bronze resin. Anthropomorphic small figures and garden sculpture.

Born in Paris in 1960, now living in Bristol, England, Lucianne has made sculpture since she was a child. She grew up in a bohemian artistic environment, her mother is a potter and her father is a painter.

The human form has always been Lassalle’s passion. It holds endless possibilities albeit just as pure sculptural form or as a socio-political reflection or comment. There is a passionate exploration of movement hugely influenced by contemporary dance and physical theatre, figures fly, fall and dance through space.

“I see the human form as the interface between the mental, emotional and spiritual processes inside and the external manifestation of these in the world. I am fascinated by the complexity of the human experience and from this I am compelled and inspired to make sculpture.” Lucianne Lassalle



Telephone: 07977-938151

Marius Grose

Marius explores abstract imagery through photography, in particular compositions derived from road markings.

Marius graduated from Bristol Polytechnic School of Art in 1981 with a degree in fine art. During his time at art school he explored the discipline of macro photography. After art school he made a career shift to film and television eventually becoming a freelance editor working on many broadcast programmes. With the coming of digital stills cameras Marius reconnected with photography. His interests are broad ranging from images in extreme close up to panoramic photographs of the landscape.

“All aspects of photography fascinate me from the fine detail of macro images to the broad sweep of a panoramic landscape. Photography presents endless opportunities to re-imagine and re-interpret the world around us.” Marius Grose

See also his gallery on SICA Britain

Telephone 07719 484 771