Elfrida Schragen

[Current Exhibition at Green Chair Gallery online]

Elfrida divides her year between Victoria (Canada) where she is well-known and successful and Florida soaking up the atmosphere, space and climate. She is equally at home in the Great experience for an artist wanting to take a very wide view of both. And absolutely proving it.

Artist’s statement:

I have always been an outdoor, nature loving kind of person. If I cannot get some time outside in free flowing air and some foliage, hear the birds sing, I begin to feel very uneasy, restless and unfulfilled. I spent years teaching and the best way to come down after a day with kids was to walk in parks, country, etc. It is therapeutic for body, mind and soul. So it makes sense that capturing some of this magic through my painting would call me.
Most of the works in this particular exhibition were painted en plein air. Some define this as outdoors only. Personally, I define plein air as an attempt to capture the feel or atmosphere of an outdoor setting in around 2 to 4 hours, with maybe some minimal time in the studio afterwards.
Moving fast allows me to pop in some not so obvious colors. Most of my planning and thinking happens before I start when I do a pre sketch, or notan, to plan the design. I also premix my paints to maintain integrity of color and to be able to move along quickly before the light changes too drastically. It is a time of peace and total absorption for me since if I am unable to paint for too long a period, a kind of artistic depression raises its head. On the other hand, if I paint and its coming along well, I feel energized for several days after the activity.

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