granaryWThe Granary Creative Arts Centre will be holding an event at the Centre in Brockwood Park (see map) on Saturday March 26 in the morning (11am) and afternoon (1.30pm) for creating either a Spiral Hanging Basket or a Pirate Ship (or both) using willow shoots. Instruction is part of the creative experience so whether you’re new to doing it or experienced come and enjoy the occasion there.

Kezia Hoffman who has set up the Centre will be your host. The invitation is for all from 8 years to adult. The cost is £15 for one creation, or £24 for up to three. (Materials provided.) Included are drinks (tea, coffee, juices) and chocolate eggs.

Contact: or check out the Facebook page:

The Granary Creative Arts Centre
Brockwood Park, Bramdean, Alresford, Hants SO24 0LQ

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