An Artist’s Journey of Inspiration

21/04/2018 to 25/05/2018*

David Goad

David Goad, an English artist, has now made his home in Aveyron, South West France. He trained and worked for many years as a graphic designer in London. Moving to North West England in 1996, he studied for a degree in architectural glass from the North Wales School of Art. He has always been inspired by the landscapes he has lived in, and today it is in the depths of rural France – sleepy and unspoilt – where he finds the inspiration for his printmaking.

Artist’s statement:

Art school in the 1950s emphasised the skill of drawing which has stood me in good stead all my working life. Work has drawn its inspiration from natural forms and my graphic skills allow me to work in the abstract or adopt a more painterly approach.
There have been many influences on my work (graphic design, typography, fine art, glass, cultural, geographical, history and by no means least imagination). Many others too. I regard this wealth of knowledge and experience as fuel to an open and enquiring mind: surely the prerequisite of any artist – if I am one?

*Please note that Green Chair Gallery has ceased to operate.