BelindaBrazierWMy name is Belinda Brazier and I have long been fascinated by photography. I was born in England but grew up in Austria in a spectacular little market-town called Hallstatt, which is located in a UNESCO World Heritage Region. This place is so picturesque that a number of Chinese entrepreneurs decided to build a copy of Hallstatt in China. During my childhood I was surrounded by nature in the wild, breathtaking mountain scenery and a beautiful lake. I have now lived for more than 15 years in Vienna, which is an exciting city that offers much to a photographer and where many fantastic artists have left their mark. This could be one of the reasons why I developed a love for photography.

I like to communicate and express myself through my camera. Irrespective of whether I catch a glimpse of a combination of colours, the perspective in an everyday life situation, or simply a discovery of something never seen before – I often have the impulse to document this special moment. It gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction to capture the diversity of our world, finding myself often in the role of an explorer in a wide, open field.  Due to my educational background in social and cultural anthropology, I am naturally interested in cultural diversity and being inspired by humans, plants and animals. I also have a strong focus on various religions or other value systems. With my images I try to tell a story, developing an idea and a certain atmosphere. My approach is to play with different styles, not sticking to one certain genre. This is a reason why I am never bored. I often find myself on an adventurous expedition, especially in different places around the world.

I hope you enjoy my images!

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