Marianna Lassalle
Marianna Lassalle


What we hope to achieve

SICA Britain seeks to bring an understanding and awareness of true human culture in whatever form it manifests itself within and outside the Subud® organisation.

The SICA Magazine is aimed at raising the profile of all members of Subud® who are involved in cultural activities in every sense of the word.  We will feature news about events, exhibitions and performances as well as projects that aim to help make a difference to the culture of communities, individuals and organisations.

How YOU can participate

The pages of the magazine need to carry up to date news of what is going on in the cultural world of Subud. So we will rely on You to send us news, information, pictures, video and audio clips to include. With your participation we can make this magazine an informative and lively publication.

How we will network with other SICA organisations

Culture at its most fundamental is HOW we as human beings do things and therefore has no national boundaries.  The SICA magazine, although produced and edited in Britain, is open to all those who are interested in promoting true human culture. We will include wherever possible SICA related news from across the globe. We will seek to link with other SICA websites and publications to help establish a global network.

Help make this your website for all types of contacts

With YOUR help by providing a wide range of up to date information, news and links, and by using the speed and power of social media the SICA Magazine and SICA Britain website can become the place for all types of contacts. Follow us on Facebook and tweet us on Twitter.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to hearing from you.


The Importance of Art

It is told in history
That hermits and heroes of the past
Developed an original or pure culture or art.

It is important for all of us to explore
And find that art or culture
Of our true self.
Therefore you should not hesitate
To express here your feeling for art
Which you have received
By the grace of Almighty God.

A prayer received in song by Bapak, Cilandak 22 June 1969