Green Chair Gallery’s January Exhibition

from 02/01/2016 to 05/02/2016

LAURA MONTSEÉ is an artist of her time, expressing both what she sees around her and within her. The result is what you see: vibrant, stark, bright expressive work which we, the spectators, engage with in ways that may or may not resonate. That is and always has been the story of art as expression.

Laura Montseé was born in Alicante, Spain and studied and trained in different painting styles and technologies in Spain and London from 1978 up to 2013. From 1980 onwards she exhibited and sold her work continually in solo and group exhibitions in Spain, New York, Canada and Mexico. This exhibition is the second with Green Chair Gallery, although the first as solo artist.

I believe an artist to be a witness of his or her time, and this is expressed in their work. I am interested in what happens around me and, in my own way, I capture it in my paintings – not only what happens in the world around me but rather more what is actually happening in my life: how I feel, my dreams and what worries me. I am also inspired by nature, which feeds both my art and my soul. I work from primary colours, looking for the beauty inside the infinite combination of colours.

Painting is for me the way I have chosen to express my inner life – with shapes, fantasy and colour. Each of these elements finds slightly different expression in my work and I paint without preconceived notions, allowing each person to interpret it freely. I also play with image and colour to give a cinematographic effect.

As well as paint I work with collage and recycled materials such as used cloths and cartons. I love to give “new life” to everyday objects since they also provide very interesting shapes and textures.

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