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These are some of Gail de Cordova’s paintings that will be on exhibition at the Saffron Walden Gallery this summer (July 10-28). Please refer to her website for details. View some more paintings on our Gallery site.

Gail’s vivid and highly appealing work effortlessly transports one to different times and places. Her instinctive use of colour and texture is both beautiful and compelling. All her pieces speak eloquently of life’s joys and sorrows.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful city with a very European feel. I enjoyed walking around the streets of the city and visiting the fascinating Recoleta cemetery where Eva Peron eventually was laid to rest.

You may also be interested in Marius’ current day-by-day uploads of random subjects that he comes across in his travels. See the October collection so far (those of previous months too).



Odette Michell

“Odette Michell possesses one of the most remarkable voices you’ll hear anywhere, and it’s matched by a rare songwriting talent. With sympathetic violin-and-percussion accompaniment, her music draws fans from both sides of the folk/country divide while retaining an individual charm that’s unique to her.” (Explorer Magazine)

“Odette’s gorgeous voice can conjure up a summer feeling even in the depths of winter, and her distinctive brand of modern folk music will leave catchy tunes in your brain for days. Her fresh take on this genre can be compared to the Indigo Girls and Sandy Denny.” (RealCity Magazine)

Odette has also lent backing vocals to many recorded projects & albums, as well having her track Drive featured on a ‘Best of British‘ exclusive compilation CD.

More on Odette’s singing and songwriting here.

Odette’s video “Drive”